Focus cities

Mayors and City governments:
As heads of cities, mayors and city governments play a vital part in ensuring peace and security in city development. OUPW will annually focus on a selection of cities, each chosen to present different continents. Mayors from focus cities will be invited to Oslo, to present challenges, discuss experiences and share solutions for how to ensure stable and inclusive city development.

Focus cities 2017 & 2018

Mexico City


Rich Larsen got to know all parents’ nightmare when his daughter Charlen was raped by two of her friends in 2012 at the age of 16. This incident changed Rich’s and his family’s life forever. He Incorporated Mobile Software and started the development of Safyy, an app that could both help prevent rape and to help with a conviction. In May 2017, Mobile Software AS acquired Bipper Communication AS, which owns and has developed the bSafe application.

Megacities: Urban Future, the Emerging Complexity - A Pentagon Video

As the Intercept shows in this article, the Pentagon considers the world's megacities a serious challenge to peace and stability. While the perspectives drawn up by American planners of conflict resolution may frighten, that is no reason to ignore the severity of the challenges the world’s urban environments face.

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The Future of Food Production


In the world today there are around 795 million people who are affected by hunger, and the numbers are still increasing. The reason for this is war and conflict. Having a stable framework for food production and safe access to food is an essential prerequisite for lasting peace.